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Publications, Books and CD Rom Dr David Sands
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  • GAMES TO PLAY WITH YOUR DOG (April 2009) All owners know that dogs have a lot of energy that needs to be used up, but taking a dog for a daily walk need not be the only exercise on offer. "Games to Play with Your Dog" exclusively written by Dr David Sands, solves the problem by giving you a handy collection of fun, imaginative ways to spend time with your best friend and exercise both the body and mind.
  • KNOW YOUR DOG (August 2008) Man and dog have made an incredible journey together over thousands of years and, on the way, offered each other mutual benefits such as sociability, protection and food. Most importantly, modern dogs of all shapes and sizes offer us the chance of a therapeutic relationship. Companion and working dogs can help us through times of real struggle and yet they are usually content with very little in return. Understanding the behaviour of your dog will help to make the bond between you even more rewarding. This book explains why dogs ‘do what they do’, from ‘amusing’ to ‘antisocial’ behaviours. Includes new research on behavioural traits, DNA and breed type personality in dogs.
  • 500 QUESTIONS CATS: Every question you ever wanted scientifically answering about cat behaviour, physical and emotional health care and understanding.

    What makes cats and dogs so different from each other?
    Why are some cat personalities very different than others?
    Which is best to obtain - a kitten or an adult cat - male or female?
    Is it true that people are more likely to be allergic to dark, than light haired cats?
    If my cat wanders away from my home how far can I expect it to go?
    Is it true that white cats with blue or odd-coloured eyes are prone to be deaf?
    What does it mean when my cat coughs repeatedly?
  • CD ROM: The Nature of Corydoras is about solving an aquatic X file. Why should many of these delightful little catfishes share an identical colour pattern with another species? Contains information on Amazon river-silt sampling, stream leaf-litter and aquatic plants, behaviour (with associated-literature) together with a review of the latest genetic research. Read an update on the proposed Corydoras species-groupings and see exclusive research-filming (including live video footage on Corydoras breeding and predator-prey behaviour) plus lots more. If you enjoy keeping and collecting Corydoras then this is must buy!
  • CD ROM: ‘Emperor of the Amazon is everything you wanted to know about the magnificent Red tailed Catfish, Phractocepahlus hemioliopterus. All the RTCC information, the fossil records,  information on artificial hybrids together with an incredible swimming-pool (full of giant catfishes) alongside new pictures and bonus video footage. If you are currently keeping a young or adult Red Tailed Catfish then this is the CD Rom for you. Contains all the Handbook information AND so much more not be included in the original work.
  • ‘To The Rescue’ Cats* represents a ‘world first’ and is intended to help those owners with cats that have been adversely affected by trauma or poor socialisation, adoption and re-homing. *See our Special Sale Price for 2008
  • ‘To The Rescue’ Dogs* written and developed to help owners deal with rescue or re-homed dogs that are suffering from behavioural issues such as owner-attachment issues, separation distress, destructiveness, inappropriate urination and defecation and aggressiveness (towards people or other dogs) and those that are not settling into a new home. *See our Special Sale Price for 2008
  • The Family Pet Series DOG (currently out of print but available from your local UK library)
  • THE CARE AND BEHAVIOUR OF THE GERMAN SHEPHERD A healthy, properly socialised, trained German Shepherd dog can be a family’s best friend. An owner can be proud of such a companion dog. Sadly, this pride is lost when an untrained and nervous dog is displaying uncontrollable or antisocial behaviour. Fully illustrated in colour and includes up-to-date practical advice on training and understanding behaviour.
  • Parrots for Pleasure is currently being revised
  • CATFISHES OF THE WORLD LOOSELEAF VOLUMESSuperb reference books blending hobby and science. Ideal for the serious hobbyist or collector of historical aquatic literature. (Volume two: Synodontis and African catfishes is out of print)
  • The Handbook: ‘The Emperor of the Amazon provides everything you every wanted to know about keeping the magnificent Red tailed Catfish, (Phractocepahlus hemioliopterus) in captivity and all essential husbandry information.
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